OVERVIEW: Type of Tour: Adventure Trekking Duration: 01 day Frequency: Every day Altitu: 5200 mt. Distance: 10 km. Difficulty: Trekking level Best Time: March to November Regular Time: December and January Risky Time: February (rainy times) ITINERARY Departure from Cusco at 4:00 to Qollasuyo, ancient road of the quechuas, important part of the Tawantinsuyo ( 04 regions of the Inkas) we will arrive to ACHECACUPE and then to the location of PITUMARCA DISTRICT. Later we continue with beautiful landscapes and valleys of Pitumarca arriving to the native village of JAPURA, HACHIPACHA with native quechuas, Finally will arrive to the place - punta carretera called QUECHUYNO , where we will have our breakfast. After our breakfast, we start to walk around beautiful landscapes, lagoons where the southamerican camels live like(alpacas, llamas, vicuñas, also pumas, andean birds and condor etc) trekking of 3 ½ Hrs aprox. Until VINICUNCA 5200 Msnm, where we will see the amazing view of Rainbow Mountain with the sunrise that shows the imponent valley and rainbow with magic colors. We also can look Moutains like Apu Sarinini, Rainbow colors, Vinicunca y Ausangate. Ausangate is the highest mountain of Cusco with 6372 Msnm. The Inca mythology of this mountain and the nearly lakes , tell us that Sivinacocha is where the male energy borns that fertilize the earth mother Pachamama ; after a long way this waters lost in the lands of Amazonas to come back with the rains to fill the lakes and the glaciers every night converted in the river of stars or Willkamayu well known in occidental world as la Vía Láctea . The Community of Chillca constituted by llamas shepherds and alpacas are known as the guardian of the Andean places. We will go back to the atratl place to have lunch and enjoy to come back to Cusco. PRICE PER PERSON: U$D 50.00 (only cash)
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